Benefits in Using Vinyl Wraps on your Business Vehicles and Other Surfaces

You’ve perhaps heard of wraps for vehicles and other surfaces, especially as a new use for advertising purposes. But wraps for vehicles and walls come in a more affordable option you may want to consider if you’re on a budget. Vinyl wraps are one of the most affordable ways to place graphics on vehicles and other surfaces when you’re looking for ways to advertise without spending a fortune.

Vinyl itself is a dependably durable material that you’ve already seen used on many other items. It also has a specific benefit that you’re going to appreciate if you need to change your wraps periodically.

When you’re looking to use wraps on your fleet vehicles or on walls around your company building, you have considerable advantages beyond saving money. Beyond that, you won’t have to sacrifice quality since vinyl is a superior surface allowing colors on graphics to pop out as if in 3D.

Vinyl Wrap Application Doesn’t Take Considerable Time

Doing a complete paint job on fleet vehicles for a permanent wrap frequently takes more time to apply. When you’re in a hurry to get your business vehicles out on the road, vinyl wraps are generally applied in just one day. This works because the design is already created in advance on vinyl so you’re not creating during the application process.

It’s a different story with painting, something that could take weeks as you add gradual elements. If you’ve ever had painting done on your car or business vehicles, you know the lengthy process of priming the vehicle, the painting process, then the drying.

All you need is a day off for a vinyl wrap application, and they’re ready to use. The same applies to any surface where you want a vinyl wrap, including a wall outside or inside your business.

Vinyl Wraps Are Easy to Remove When You Want a Change

While the vinyl wrap application process is easy, so is removal when you don’t want to keep the same wrap forever. With a paint job, it’s permanent, and the only option is painting over the existing graphics. Why spend more money and waste time when a vinyl wrap easily peels off?

One advantage to this you might not have considered is that removing vinyl wraps from your vehicles helps value when you sell the vehicles later. The time may come when you need to sell off your fleet vehicles in order to upgrade. Resale value becomes diminished if you sell vehicles with graphics that can’t easily be removed.

By removing the vinyl wraps, the vehicle goes back to the original color and appearance. Even better, removing the wraps creates no residue on the surface of the vehicle.

For a wall or other surface in your business, this is obviously convenient. You can change the wraps whenever you want without damaging the surface you use. In some cases, further tweaks are possible on the existing vinyl wrap you’re using.

Adding Partial Vinyl Wraps

You never have to apply an entire vinyl wrap at once on your company vehicle or vehicles. The beauty of these wraps is that you can apply them in sections for gradual additions. This way, if you want something on your vehicle to note who you are, you can apply it immediately. Later, when your budget expands further, you can add more vinyl wraps to a single vehicle or more.

As long as you have the space available, you can use as many vinyl wraps as you want. They’re easily produced in any size from a few inches up to feet long.

Here at Revolution Wraps, we’ll provide vinyl wraps for you at a price that’s perfect for any business budget. Contact us and we’ll work with you on vinyl wrap designs that stand out, no matter where you place them.