Design on a dime – Vehicle Wraps Omaha & Lincoln

Arguably, as the economic downturn continues, many of us are basing our business decisions on the best price options. After calling in 3-5 vendors, we inevitably choose the most product at the least cost. Vehicle wraps are no exception to this difficult dilemma. In fact, as a niche area of the sign and graphics industry, it’s important to balance the tract record of a company with their quality, experience and pricing. You need to be well advised on what to look for if you wish to “design on a dime”.

Look for Wrap Design Experience

As a niche industry, not all designers are familiar with 3 dimensional designs. Further, an experienced sign and graphics company will not only invest in template software they will also measure your vehicle for template accuracy. This will help ensure that your branding can be correctly placed for maximum use. Since vehicles contain numerous curves, handles, gullies and angles, the way a graphic element is placed will vary drastically from a flat surface design.

Design Consults Are Key

A good designer is not just an artist; they are listeners that convert your company vision into billboard. The consultation helps you get on the same page and should be included in the cost of the design. Look for a company that has vehicle wrap design experience also do you like any of there previous wrap jobs?

Request Multiple Ideas

We all like options. If you are paying for a design to be established for you, request a few variances. Consider a full wrap and a partial wrap to get started. If you only plan to do a partial wrap, request multiple variations of a partial wrap.

Ask About Materials

If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are various materials available on the market. However, only 2 or 3 are considered premium. Likewise, certain materials with a lower price tag might be recommended if you intend to remove the wrap in a year or there is little to no curvature to cover.

Are they Certified

Ask about any installation and printing certifications? Have they gone thru formal training from any of the major manufacturers such as Avery, 3m, Oracal. Certifications would include 3M/ USAG Certified Installation Company, PDAA/SGIA Master Certified Installers, Avery Certified Installer.

Did You Get a Guarantee?

Unless you have seen a poorly installed wrap, or a downright product failure, it’s hard to understand the importance of a guarantee. For the sake of redundancy, wrapping is a niche. An inexperienced installer might not do door handles or not correctly wrap the bumper. You’ll want to bring the wrap back if there are any issues and have them addressed immediately. (Please note, some bubbling or vinyl creases is not normal).

Ultimately, only you can determine your comfort level with who will wrap your vehicle. However, consider that the lowest price is not always all it’s cracked up to be. When designing on a dime, use the above checklist to get you started. Review our website at for more information, testimonials, certifications, portfolio and to get a quote, or call us today at 1-866-402-9727