How to Use Your Vehicle Wrap

It is important to understand that a vehicle wrap is not an accessory to your business, but a strategic marketing tool. For each marketing event you participate in for the next three-five years (i.e. festivals, trade shows, community events, sponsorships, etc.), it’s imperative to consider how your wrapped vehicle can enhance the lead generation of your business. If you are simply going about your day and parking the wrapped vehicle at night, you are missing out on substantial visibility for your business. Let’s take a look at several ways your newly wrapped vehicle can enhance your business.


Social Media Contest

A favorite childhood game is I Spy. A list of items is provided and the player locates them among a hodgepodge of other items. If you own a consumer-driven business, ask your fans to post sightings of the vehicle. Offer a prize for the best picture of the vehicle.

Parking Strategies

Not only should you consider strategically parking during events and festivals, you should every time you park your car. A stop at the grocery store can last 10 minutes to an hour, so choose a space close to the road where all traffic will see the vehicle. Corners are also very effective since several directions of traffic will spot your vehicle.

Maximize Visibility

When an employee is on vacation, don’t leave their fleet vehicle stranded in the back parking lot or locked up in their garage. Move it to a busy area of town for maximum visibility.

Motivate Buyers

Create special deals or prizes to motivate your buyers. Keep in mind that it must be viable and useful to the target audience. Maybe free movie tickets for teens, or a new tablet for another audience.

Just Drive

Get the vehicle on the road. During a quiet week, run some errands. If you sell t-shirts, head to a baseball game for a few hours. Send your pizza delivery guy into neighborhoods with porches.


Always Bring Your Better Half


Sometimes we forget to mention the obvious. Be sure you take the vehicle to any, and all, events your company is involved with, attending or sponsoring. Make sure to arrive early and park in the most visible location. Some locations might allow a vehicle to be brought into the event space.

Room to Grow

As you review your year-end business achievements, you may have spotted opportunities in areas you don’t generally service. For example, a town where you have been getting numerous referrals but don’t typically travel. Take this opportunity to park your vehicle strategically, canvas the neighborhood and make your presence known.

The vehicle wrap is not simply a high-impact mobile billboard, but a visibility tool for your business. With the proper, strategic use, your vehicle can become a lead-generation machine. To Start Something Big, give us a call at 1-866-402-9727 or visit today.

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