What kind of large format printing does your business need? Outdoor and Indoor Ideas

The concept of large format printing is something you perhaps thought still existed only in billboard form. In the digital era, larger printing is accessible in far more creative ways thanks to superior printing materials and technology. It’s also the more affordable answer to avoiding the excessive costs of billboards that only corporations with major bucks can afford.

A billboard certainly isn’t necessary today to make the most impact in advertising. Many large-form advertisements placed outdoors or indoors pique more interest than a traditional billboard ever does. Considering materials are available that allow placement of these large prints on outdoor walls or other unique surfaces, you can take creative advertising to a new level.

Here at Revolution Wraps, we invite you to see the possibilities of how you’ll change your approach to marketing. The options available for large-format printing are also just as incredible, including the image quality.

Creating Posters

When you need to advertise a major event, creating a large poster for an outdoor or indoor wall is easy to do with our wide format digital printers. These print items up to dozens of feet in diameter so you can cover an entire wall space. With quality materials like vinyl, color images also pop out like 3D.

Vinyl is known for being a superior surface for large-scale prints because of the clarity level in colors. During times when you need to make a powerful statement in your advertising, we’ll create a poster for you with the boldest images. Whether those images are of people, natural environments, or just text, they’ll be easy to see and read from a long distance away.

Vinyl Banners

Here’s another example of why vinyl banners are such a great idea for color images when you need to print in large format. Unlike posters that you’d place on walls with adhesives, banners hang by grommets. This allows you to get a large-scale banner up high enough where it’s seen from a considerable distance.

Many business people at trade shows appreciate banners because it garners attention to their booth as people enter. Vinyl banners are very durable as well to weather, making them perfect for outdoor advertising. The clarity level of the imagery stays sharp, no matter whether it’s sunny or dark and rainy.

Large-Scale Trade Show Printing

Along with vinyl banners above, we do other large-scale printing for trade show displays. Whether it be large table wraps, or imagery placed on your booth, you’ll stand out from the crowd when you choose this option. Your only creative challenge is finding which image brings the most compelling interest, whether it be your logo, or stunning images of people you’ve helped through your company efforts.

Within a crowded environment of a trade show, you need to stand out, and large-scale printing will do this for you as prospective customers enter the building.

Custom Wallpaper

This is another favorite large-scale printing format that more businesses use for stronger branding. By placing large-scale images of a product you’re selling or your logo on the wallpaper, you set up more branding awareness when customers visit you.

The greatest feature is the wallpaper we use is easily removable when it’s necessary so you can replace the vinyl wrap with something new.

Wraps on Vehicles

We’ve written various blogs detailing vehicle wraps, and we invite you to search for those posts to see how much they benefit companies with fleet vehicles. However, there isn’t any limitation to where you can place them, including boats and flatbed trucks.

Contact us  to find out more about our large-scale printing technology. By thinking in larger terms for advertising, you’ll have more curiosity from the demographics you want to attract.