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Windows and glass are the most vulnerable parts of any building. Revolution Wraps uses a high performance window security film that give property owners and facility managers peace of mind.

Film that stands up to Mother Nature

Our safety & security films are engineered so glass is shatter-resistant against high-powered winds and storms, preventing water and wind-borne debris from entering.

Cost Effective Against Vandalism

Revolution Wraps uses a graffiti-free film is an economic solution to defaced windows and glass, allowing you to easily replace the film instead of the window or glass.

Reduce Hazards from Explosions

Broken glass is one of the main causes of death or injury during an explosion. Revolution uses a window security film that reduces these hazards by keeping shattered glass together.

Provides Solar Protection

Our window safety films block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, which can lead to premature aging of the skin and skin cancer, and keeps summertime heat and glare out.

Leave Criminals Empty Handed

By holding shattered glass together, our window security laminate films deter and slow smash-and-grabbers because they can’t get in quickly, as well as looters from illegally entering.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Our safety and security films are covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty in North America. Ask us for details.

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